Incylence Globes Running Diagonals High-Cut Socks


Colour: Mint/Canary
Size (EU): 35-38



  1. 由極輕、超細纖維Microlon®製成,可確保最佳的性能,是實現最佳跑步效能所必需的。
  2. 有效的排汗管理外,透氣性和熱氣調節也極致出色。
  3. 腳下、腳跟和腳趾處的增厚確保了舒適性和耐用性
  4. 襪口雙層捲邊設計在汗水濕氣滲透至鞋中前便以吸收汗水,同時提供令人舒適的緊身貼合性及防滑效果。
  5. 腳背處的設計則採用大面積輕薄型透氣網狀織法,從而實現了完美出色的隔離及透氣效果。
  6. 中足區域使用壓力設計,使襪子能完美貼合並緊緊包覆雙腳。
  7. 腳趾和腳後跟區域的額外襯墊可提供有效的緩沖和支撐,並確保耐用性。  

  • Microlon®  耐穿|輕|隔熱|透氣|衛生|環保
  • 雙層捲邊襪口設計快速吸收汗水
  • 壓力設計加強血液循環
  • 完美貼合 

INCYLENCE Running socks are made out of the ultra light microfiber Microlon® and guarantee the best characteristics that are necessary for maximum running performance.
Besides efficient moisture management, breathability and heat regulation are outstanding.
Furthermore the strengthened parts under the foot, on the heel and at the toes, secure comfort and durability.
The high-cut and double layered cuff absorbs sweat before streaming into the shoe and offers a pleasing tight fit without slipping.
The thin workmanship on the instep provides large areas of breathable mesh, resulting in exceptional isolation.
Due to compression in the midfoot area, the socks offer a perfect fit and surround the feet tightly.
Extra padding at the toes and heel area provides superior cushioning and support and ensure durability.

  • Microlon® - durable | lightweight | isolating | breathable | hygienic | environmentally friendly
  • Double layered cuff absorbs moisture efficiently
  • Compression for improved blood circulation
  • Perfect fit


Incylence Unisex Socks Size Guide


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