Model: 37mm
優惠價HK$161 原價HK$230


The basic series of circular polarizing filters, which are characterized by an affordable price and high quality of workmanship for which the Hoya brand is famous. Thanks to the use of the best materials and proven technologies, these filters meet the requirements of both amateurs and professionals.

Hoya's polarizing filters effectively eliminate unwanted glare from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water, thereby increasing color saturation and enhancing clarity of the scene. Both surfaces of the filter are covered with anti-reflective coatings, which improve light transmission and prevent a drop in contrast in the photos taken. In colorful landscape photography, they are the only solution that allows to increase the contrast between white clouds and blue skies, while maintaining the natural colors of the entire scene.

Thanks to the use of a light and thin filter holder, it is possible to smoothly and freely adjust the degree of polarization. Hoya CIRCULAR PL filters are circular filters, which means that they ensure trouble-free work with SLRs.

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