Compressport WSTV2 Sweatbands 3D.Dots


Color: Jazzy/Bird
優惠價HK$60 原價HK$100


As many outdoor sportsmen quickly discover, it is often the small accessories which are the most versatile and useful. Our extraordinary anti-sweat wristband is no exception. Comfortable, light and efficient, it is woven from the same soft, durable fabric as our sock range and fits seamlessly around your forearm. Integrated ventilation stripes quicky wick away moisture so the band stays comfortable and smell-free. Our signature 3D.Dots provide the perfect surface to quickly wipe any sweat, dirt or stray hairs off your forehead and offer the added bonus of gentle micro-massage around your wrists. For extra inspiration and grip, fit the band around a drink bottle in the gym or ask Fred van Lierde for tips: he will tell you he even fits sweatbands to his elbow pads on the bike for extra comfort on the racecourse!

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