Compressport Shock Absorb Socks


Color: White
Size: T2


Just as some shoes have a thicker, spongier sole for dampened impact, our brand new black Shock Absorb sock follows the same principle in material form. Using our traditional highly-ventilated mesh on the top of the foot, this long distance endurance sock adds large, extra thick pads to sensitive areas to keep your feet cushioned and comfortable all day long. The ankle and sole are padded with extra-thick, sweat wicking microfibre panels for a springy, fresh feel. Thicker-than-average 3D.Dots on the lower leg and ankle absorb a maximum of shocks and vibration from the ground to reduce aches. On the mid and forefoot sections, more 3D.Dots stimulate blood flow and increase grip in the shoe, while a 360° arch support prevents the material from twisting and increases stability. The reduced movement of the foot combined with optimised sweat evacuation not only improves comfort, but also contributes to less blisters and raw skin on long runs. Specific fibres act as hot spot preventers to ensure feet do not overheat and remain cool, while the toe box is particulary reinforced to prevent an assortment of colourful toes and lost nails, whether you're on the road or the trail.

Compressport Socks Size Guide


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