Compressport Unisex R1 Calf Sleeves


Color: White
Size: T2


The Compressport range of calf sleeves is designed to answer the needs of all sports participants - from amateurs to professionals - and the R1 is the company's entry-level answer to enhanced performance.

The sturdy sleeve offers the core elements of Compressport technology in a neat yet affordable package. It provides 360-degree compression during exercise, limiting vibrations and reducing muscle damage and fatigue.

The updated fabric is lighter than previous generations, which makes it easier to pull on, while the ergonomic, seamless design is comfortable and doesn't move while your exerting yourself. The sleeve can be worn conveniently under a wetsuit during a triathlon, and because it's fast-drying, it never feels heavy around your calves. Even if you're training and not venturing into the water, you can simply combine these sleeves with shorts or under running tights to keep your legs feeling fresh throughout your workout or race.

Whether you're an enthusiastic runner, an amateur triathlete or a Sunday cyclist, the simple and functional R1 calf sleeve delivers quality compression - with none of the frills - at a no-nonsense price.

Compressport Calf Sleeves Size Guide


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