Compressport Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Trail


Color: Alloy/Orangeade
Size: T1


Trail running is not a road run. Feet must constantly react and adapt to the ever-changing terrain. The 4th generation Pro Racing Socks Trail were developed with the aim of cushioning and protecting against impacts. Compressport technologies have evolved to support all your trail adventures. A tough yet breathable fabric around the forefoot and lower leg wicks moisture quickly to prevent irritation. The thicker shaft rises higher than our running models for added protection, and a special structure around the ankle offers reassuring stability in rocky terrain. A brand new, wider toe box offers a more ergonomic fit and improved proprioception that allows the toes to grip and balance intuitively on uneven ground. The robust padding on the toes cushions shocks on fast, jerky downhills. An improved 360° metatarsal support promotes blood flow and prevents tissue from twisting and folding, preventing blisters and irritation as the miles go by. Signature Dot technologies provide strategic protection from the elements in areas considered problematic for trail runners. Both ankles are covered with large sun-shaped dots to avoid bruises from fast foot movement. Two lateral rows of 3D.Dots cover the calf muscles and stimulate sensory receptors to improve proprioception and ankle stability. A wide pattern of 3D. Dots runs along the Achilles tendon for extra padding and support and surrounds a row of Flat.dots for comfortable ventilation. A firmer weave underfoot further reduces vibration, with 3D.Dots cushioning impact and giving the foot a firm hold in the shoe. These dots also promote venous return and delay fatigue so you can feel fresher for longer. The Trail version comes with a higher shaft than the Run Socks and offers more protection for the lower leg and ankles. More durable materials withstand the forces of nature. An ergonomic tongue on the back adds extra comfort, and to make sure you don't accidentally choose the wrong sock, the discipline is discreetly embroidered on the inside.

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