Compressport Full Socks Race & Recovery - UTMB 2022


Color: Blue
Size: T1


A number of our trail runners requested the benefits of a compression sleeve integrated in a high-performance, multi-use sock. And they loved the 2-in-1 Full Socks Race & Recovery so much we're bringing them back as a special UTMB® edition. The soft, stretchy fibres offer targeted compression for optimal muscle support as you're negotiating tough trail sections. They also dampen vibration to reduce muscle damage and delay fatigue so you can stay focused through the night. And should the mountain weather take a turn, the socks remain light thanks to fast-wicking ventilation stripes woven directly into the fabric. Our 3D.Dots technology absorbs impacts, protects sensitives areas such as the Achilles tendon and provides micro-massage for increased blood flow, particularly welcome when you're 15 hours into any trail race. It also guarantees excellent grip of the foot in the shoe, reducing the risk of overheating and blisters when you're working uphill. The integrated arch support prevents the fabric from twisting and offers reassuring stability in rocky terrain, while the stretchy fibres allow your toes to expand naturally on impact for instinctive, fluid running. Worn after the race, the socks stimulate blood flow to accelerate muscle regeneration and toxin elimination. This licenced UTMB® edition comes in a classy checkered blue pattern with the official event logos, perfect for looping the big white mountain, or chilling out when you've crossed the line.

Compressport Socks Size Guide


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