Compressport ArmForce Ultralight


Color: Enamel
Size: T1
優惠價HK$174 原價HK$290


Sometimes there is no time to stop and remove layers, and having a flexible pull-on, pull-off solution is the easiest option. Designed from the same fabric as our high-performance socks, the seamless Arm Sleeves Armforce Ultralight sleeves are extremely comfortable and lightweight. Thermoregulation is key, setting the ArmForce Ultralight up as the perfect solution when the air is chilly. Gentle compressive properties precisely target key muscles for stimulated blood flow and support, to keep arms feeling fresh before, during and after sport. Particular attention is given to the elbow area, where a lighter weave allows for exceptional freedom of movement and extra ventilation. Finally, signature 3D.Dots are built into the forearms for enhanced blood circulation, although they may also double-up as excellent sweatbands when intensity builds. Quick to pull on and remove, these convenient arm sleeves Armforce for cycling, running and endurance sports save the weight of an extra layer, with the added bonus of light compression.

Compressport Armforce Size Guide

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