Compressport 3D Thermo 50g Seamless Zip SS T-Shirt


Colour: Black
Size: L/XL


"It is the lightest baselayer I have worn and it is amazingly comfortable!" Our 2016 UTMB winner Ludo Pommeret is one of the pro athletes for whom we originally designed the lightest possible baselayer with maximum thermoregulation.The high-tech 3D weave takes care of all ventilation and temperature control, thanks to the air mattress created between air and skin. Without these key elements to worry about, the body can focus all energy on performance. The 2020 updated version uses a new weave to improve durability and save weight. Fabric resistance is improved yet the shirt feels as soft and light as a second skin, so you can forget what you're wearing and concentrate on the trail ahead. Posture support is woven directly into the shirt, helping keep shoulders straight and aligned even after long hours of effort. The Raglan sleeves provide localised compression for extra support and freshness on the upper arms.Created for pure performance, the shirt is destined to be worn as an ultra-efficient baselayer in cold conditions, yet our professionals never hesitate to use it as a high-performance t-shirt during the summer months as well. Pure comfort, every time you step out the door.


  • Maximum thermoregulation: thanks to a special microfibre weave which acts as an air mattress between skin and air to maintain body temperature at a constant level
  • Optimal comfort and second-skin feel: thanks to the ultra-soft, seamlesss microfibre weave and ergonomic design which eliminate all risk of irritation
  • Extreme lightness! A featherweight microfibre brings this baselayer in at under 50 grams so you barely feel you're wearing it

Compressport 3D Thermo Size Guide


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