Compressport Men's 3D Thermo 50g Long Sleeved T-Shirt


Colour: White
Size: L/XL


"Really incredible ! Highly breathable and close to the body, I could not even feel it!" Leo Viret, top-level skier, owns more 3D thermo shirts than most people have fingers. Fact. Designed for professional runners, cyclists and skiers, the baselayer is as light as we could possibly make it with integrated 3D weave creating an air mattress between air and skin for maximum ventilation and temperature control. 2020 brings a lighter, softer and more durable weave than ever before. Moulding your torso like a second skin,you can simply forget what you're wearing and concentrate on the slope ahead. Put away the anti-chafe cream, the seamless microfibre guarantees zero irritation. Posture support is woven directly into the shirt for straight shoulders and back even when fatigued. Whether you're holding poles or a handlebar, the Raglan sleeves offer localised compression for extra support and freshness on the biceps and forearms. Versatile and ultra-comfortable, the shirt is destined to be worn as a baselayer in cold conditions, yet fits snugly and comfortably under a trail vest in the Summer months as well. Pure comfort, from your waist to your wrists.



  • Maximum thermoregulation: thanks to a special microfibre weave which acts as an air mattress between skin and air to maintain body temperature at a constant level
  • Optimal comfort and second-skin feel: thanks to the ultra-soft, seamlesss microfibre weave and ergonomic design which eliminate all risk of irritation
  • Extreme lightness! A featherweight microfibre brings this baselayer in at under 50 grams so you barely feel you're wearing it

Compressport 3D Thermo Size Guide


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