Ciele FSTCap 2 Run Mountains SM


Color: Badlands
優惠價HK$288 原價HK$320


The FSTCap 2 is a high-quality hat that is inspired by the success of its predecessor, the original FSTCap. This hat features a smaller size and a lower profile than the GOCap, along with a cycling-inspired brim, which was a winning combination for the original design.

For 2023, the FSTCap 2 has been fine-tuned with improved fit and patterning. Taking inspiration from the RDCap, this hat is made with COOLmatic fabrics that are constructed from Repreve recycled yarns. This makes the FSTCap 2 an eco-friendly choice for runners who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

The FSTCap 2 is designed to provide exceptional comfort and functionality. Its smaller size and lower profile make it a great choice for runners who want a hat that won't weigh them down or get in the way during their activities. The cycling-inspired brim provides added protection from the sun, while the COOLmatic fabrics ensure that you stay cool and comfortable even during intense activities.

Overall, if you're looking for a high-quality hat that is designed for runners and made from eco-friendly materials, the FSTCap 2 is an excellent choice. Its improved fit and patterning, along with its advanced materials and features, make it a reliable and comfortable accessory that can enhance your running experience.

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