Buff LTD France UV


Color: AQS
優惠價HK$158 原價HK$175


The High UV Protection scarf from Buff is a high-quality accessory that's perfect for warm and hot days. This scarf is designed to protect the neck, face, and head against harmful UV radiation, depending on how it's worn. It's made with high UV protection fabric that blocks out harmful rays and keeps you cool and comfortable in the sun.

The scarf also features excellent moisture-wicking properties, which ensures that you stay dry and comfortable, even on the hottest of days. Additionally, this model has no seams, making it a delicate and pleasant option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Overall, the High UV Protection scarf from Buff is a top-quality accessory that's perfect for anyone who wants to stay protected and comfortable in the sun. It's versatile, lightweight, and easy to wear, making it a great addition to any outdoor wardrobe.

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