Blackmores Omega Brain (60 Capsules)




Fish oil is a source of the omega-3 essential fatty acids, which cannot be synthesized by the human body and needs to be supplemented every day to maintain good health. There are two main types of Omega-3 fatty acid: EPA and DHA. Essential fatty acids are incorporated into every cell membrane in the body, in the form of compounds called phospholipids. Cell membranes play the vital role of regulating what goes into, and what comes out of, each cell. The integrity and fluidity of the cell membrane is determined by the type of phospholipid that is available for the body to use. Cell membranes made up mainly of phospholipids derived from the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids are more fluid and function better than cell membranes made up of saturated fat or trans-fatty acids. A cell membrane working at optimal levels retains vital nutrients and electrolytes, has the ability to communicate with other cells.

EPA is a blood vessel scavenger, which can help reduce blood viscosity and improve blood circulation; DHA is known as the "gold of the brain", which accounts for 35-45% of the total fatty acids in the brain, and is also an important component of the retina of the eye, accounting for about 50% %. So it is very important for the brain and eye development of kids.


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