Bitplay AquaSeal Waterproof Bag


Colour: Cement Grey


The stylish sacoche bag goes 100% waterproof, ushering in an adventure revolution.

The AquaSeal Waterproof Bag is the latest new product from bitplay, the adventure-inspired brand helping you explore life better at every turn. With proprietary designs that offer protection, comfort, and style, bitplay products empower to roam free and far. 

✓ Certified IPX7 Waterproof|With the International Protection Marking seal of approval, you can keep your goods safe from water damage. 
✓ Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener|Snap or release the front phone pouch in a few seconds—so you can access your phone when you need it.
✓ Seal Zipper|The unique AquaSeal zipper design seals water out, keeps air in, and ensures your belongings stay dry.
✓ Seamless Rip-Free Design| No more worrying about loose threads. The seamless, high-frequency welding process gives edges extra staying power against liquids.
✓ Touchscreen Friendly Design|A clear, transparent cover enables you to operate your smartphone with ease—without ever taking it out.
✓ Smart Storage Spaces|Categorize and organize all of your important goods with smart, compact, and plentiful storage spaces.
✓ Multiple Straps Available|Choose from three different strap styles to suit your comfort and style level.
✓ Ultra-Strong Materials|The AquaSeal bag is constructed from highly durable, quality-tested materials and built to withstand all of your wildest adventures.

Keep your valuables dry|One-of-a-kind waterproof features offer unrivaled protection.

Full Underwater Protection|Professional Grade Waterproofing Process

    Magnetic Fasteners|Remove the front bag in a split second—or reattach—with industrial-strength magnets.

    The Fidlock® magnetic fastener joins and secures the front and back bag to make an on-the-go sacoche style. Snap off the front bag in 0.5 seconds, and fasten it back when you’re done. 
    The Fidlock® magnets and 30 patented mechanical functions hold the bag securely. The magnetic fasteners only release at a specific 90 degree angle to keep your belongings safe. When you’re ready to re-adhere the pouch, simply place the pieces together to fasten them again. Strong magnets make the bags easy to close and secure snap functionality to ensure a continuously high locking force. Use it for all of your high-adventure activities.

      Touchscreen Design | Use Your Phone Safely on Rainy Days

      Instantly Capture Brilliant Moments

      A touchscreen design lets you operate your smartphone anytime, without taking it out of the bag. You can check your messages or use Google Maps during rainy days, while riding a scooter, or going on a hike. With the safety rope, you can immediately take off the front bag and capture spectacular moments in a flash!

      AquaSeal Waterproof Bag|Your companion for all-weather adventures.

      Product Spec

      AquaSeal Waterproof Bag
      - Color:Cement Grey, Wild Green, Dark Black, Sand
      - Dimension:235 x 170 x 20mm
      - Weight:125g ± 10
      - Material:420D Nylon Waterproof TPU with double-sided construction

      Standard Flat Strap
      - Weight:21g ± 10(with Safety String)
      - Maximun:115×2.5×1cm
      - Minimum:85×2.5×1cm
      - Material:PolypropylenePolyester、Plastic

      Standard Round Strap
      - Weight:25g ± 10

      Fidlock® Y-Buckle Belt
      Weight:70g ± 10
      - Maximum:140×3×1.5cm
      - Minimum:80×3×1.5cm
      - Material:Nylon、Magnetc、PA66GF15

      (*The actual color of the bag is based on the real product.) 
      Designed in Taiwan, made in China.



      1. The AquaSeal Waterproof Bag is not shock-resistant—therefore, we cannot guarantee protection of your items in the event of drops or falls. We suggest you properly reinforce your personal items or smartphone before placing them into the bag. 
      2. Test the waterproofing before using AquaSeal Waterproof Bag. Before fully submerging the AquaSeal Waterproof Bag into water, please check its appearance and conduct the water entry test to ensure the bag is sealed. To do so, submerge the bag underwater 30 centimeters for up to 10 minutes. Bitplay’s warranty, maintenance, return, and exchange services do not apply to your smartphone or valuables.
      3. Please do not press the AquaSeal Waterproof Bag firmly if the seal zipper has locked air inside. Doing so could cause damage to the zipper due to inner pressure.
      4. Avoid placing the AquaSeal Waterproof Bag in a high-temperature environment or direct sunlight to prevent permanent damage in fused parts.
      5. When you place your smartphone into the front bag, it’s normal to see your screen become foggy since the AquaSeal Waterproof Bag is fully sealed. The air in the bag will become humid, and the temperature of the mobile devices  may cause the temperature to rise. Once the bag is submerged into cold water, the temperature difference may cause the interior of the transparent pouch to fog. If this happens, simply remove your smartphone from the bag.
      6. Display covers may appear different on your device. Expect slight variation from color as shown on this page.


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