BB Lab The Collagen Powder S (2g x 30 Sticks)

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2克 x 30包. 原產地: 韓國




  • 添加12種混合益生菌,幫助從身體内部改善機能,從而提升膚質,令面色更紅潤光澤。
  • 蘊含低分子魚膠原蛋白,比一般市面非魚類膠原蛋白更易被人體吸收,從内改善皮膚皺紋和提升彈性。
  • 美味柚子味,沒有魚腥味,味道可口。
    • 獨立包裝,方便攜帶。



  • 膠原蛋白:讓肌膚留住水分、充滿彈性
  • 混合益生菌:改善身體,從而提升膚質





The Collagen Powder S (30 Packets)

Today we introduce a mega-hit collagen powder by BB LAB!

This product became the "must-have" collagen product in Korea (selling 18+ million packets in 2020).

Collagen is an essential protein in your body -  it's what keeps your skin from sagging, providing that supple look.

It also helps to maintain flexibility for your bones and connective tissues. 

However, starting from your mid-20s, the amount of collagen that your body produces begins to decrease by roughly ~1% every year.

Women - especially - experience a dramatic reduction in collagen after menopause.

That's why many women in Korea take collage supplements - to decrease the signs of aging skin.

When it comes to collagen supplements, a key thing to check is the size of the collagen molecules - a smaller size means fast absorption and easy digestion

BB Lab's Collagen Powder S is derived from fish and is micro-sized (1000 Dalton).

This is in contrast to animal-based collagen products (~300,000 DA) or gelatin-based collagen from animals (~50,000 DA)

BB Lab's Collagen Powder S is hydrolyzed to a micro-size (1000 Dalton weight) for maximum bioavailability and efficacy.

That's great - but how the flavor. Does it tasty fishy?

No, not at all! It has a tart grapefruit taste!

Each packet delivers 1200mg of collagen to your body - it's a great supplement for skincare as you age.

Take 1 packet a day - straight, or with a gulp of water.


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