RAD Roller

RAD ROLLER ORIGINAL (Blue) -20% 暫時缺貨 (歡迎致電2787-0173查詢訂購詳情)
ORIGINAL RAD ROLLER   The Original RAD Roller is where it all began. Its te..
HKD260.00 HKD208.00
RAD Roller RAD ROD (Gray/Blue) -20% 暫時缺貨 (歡迎致電2787-0173查詢訂購詳情)
RAD ROD A thin, portable myofascial release tool that lets you customize your level of p..
HKD380.00 HKD304.00
RAD ROLLER SOFT (Green) -20% 暫時缺貨 (歡迎致電2787-0173查詢訂購詳情)
SOFT RAD ROLLER   Consider yourself a rolling beginner? We get that. The So..
HKD260.00 HKD208.00
RAD ROLLER STIFF (Black) -20% 暫時缺貨 (歡迎致電2787-0173查詢訂購詳情)
STIFF RAD ROLLER Ideal for athletes and others looking for a little more intensity,..
HKD260.00 HKD208.00
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