Institutional Quote

Welcome: government departments, commercial organizations, welfare groups, school organizations


Quotation process:

After submitting the quotation inquiry, we will promptly follow up your quotation inquiry and offer out the quotation. If confirming the order, please affix the company / school / organization stamp to the quotation for confirmation, and fax (2729 0411) to : Mr. Hoon or email (, we will arrange delivery by phone. To facilitate government departments and public organizations, the Company accepts P cards, checks, bank charges or cash payments.


Payment method:

- Accepted purchase card (P card)


- bank account

- Cash paid in person at the store


Submit query:

1. Email:

2. Fax: 2729 0411

3. Telephone inquiries (Tel: 2729 0199 Contact: Mr. Hoon Ronnie)

4. Online submission of inquiries

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