About us

About Us

Coxell Digital Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2003. Offer customers over thousands of professional camera equipments and accessories with quality services – all in a pleasurable and comfortable environment. Our mission is “Serve sincerely, gracious and courteous”, to focus on wholly satisfying the lifestyle demands of our customers by providing an attentive services besides to offer quality goods.

Distribution Network

Coxell Digital Limited currently operates 1 shop in Hong Kong, where respectively located in Kowloon (Mong Kok). Offer customers the most convenient services and our group would continuous expand the network in the future prospects.

Touch & Feel Experience

Coxell believe that it would be a better place if anything can be touch before purchase. We strive to serve our shoppers in a variety way: We work hard to create an atmosphere that encourage shoppers to discover new and hot products and leave excited to touch and feel these unplanned pleasure.











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