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WPC 60cm Folding Umbrella

WPC  |  SKU: WPC-WPC48-UN002-918
HK$239 HK$398



The WPC 60cm Folding Umbrella is a portable umbrella available in your favorite design. We offer a wide variety of designs for you to choose from.

The UNNURELLA collection has been updated! It adopts a cross between high-density fiber jointly developed with famous Japanese fabric manufacturer Komatsu Kenno Co., Ltd. and cutting-edge waterproofing treatment developed by the company, achieving unparalleled durability and the highest level of waterproofing. This is an adult-only umbrella that can be used for a long time without worrying about it getting damaged.

This Annurella folding umbrella is made from a unique high-density fiber that is water-resistant and does not use heat-sensitive waterproofing agents. By regular cleaning and applying heat from the surface, its water resistance can be restored and remain waterproof for a long time.

This WPC 60cm folding umbrella not only has super waterproof and sun protection effects, but is also suitable for commuting, going to school, traveling and other occasions. Available in simple solid colors or stylish patterns, it is an umbrella that is both practical and tasteful.

On rainy days, when you enter the subway or a commercial place, attend an important business meeting, or are invited to a friend's house, a wet umbrella will drip more water droplets, causing trouble to the people around you. We noticed this daily situation that everyone has experienced and thought that if you don't let your umbrella get wet, you can consider the people around you, so we combined the highest level of waterproofing with this Annurella folding umbrella.

In one swipe, the remaining raindrops on the umbrella will be shaken off. Therefore, this umbrella will not cause trouble to others when used in public places such as trains. We created an adult-specific umbrella that makes you more considerate of the people around you.

Buy the WPC 60cm folding umbrella now from to give you more peace of mind when traveling on rainy days. It has super waterproof and sun protection effects and is suitable for various occasions such as commuting, going to school, and traveling. Not only practical, but also stylish in appearance, it is a must-have for your travels.