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RunGuard Premium Anti-Chafe NipGuards are the no-fuss solution for you to train and complete free of nipple irritation and abrasions.

They’re essential for endurance athletes and marathon runners wanting non-messy, reliable and discreet protection.

Sweat and natural body salts create an abrasive layer between your chest and running shirt, triathlon suit or wetsuit.

Not only can this cause painful stinging and rubbing of the nipples like sandpaper on skin but in more severe cases results in nipple bleeding - which can make you cringe just thinking about it.

Unlike improvised nipple protection methods like bandages or tape, these waterproof NipGuards will stick in place for the long haul – even as you sweat or face challenging weather conditions like extreme heat and wind that can aggravate nipple sensitivity further.

Trialed and tested by real-world athletes, NipGuards have proven to be effective in everything from daily training at any distance to ultra marathons or triathlons.

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