PTP SuperBand


Color: Black
Model: Heavy
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Perform pull-ups/chin-ups and dips for the first time or achieve more reps with the PTP SuperBand. Regardless of your fitness level, the SuperBand will help lift your own body weight and improve upper body strength. The SuperBands are also suitable for standard stretching pre and post-workout, or for agility training exercises by running against the resistance.

Lighter levels of assistance (green and red): For individuals that can already do pull-ups/ chin-ups and dips but wish to perform more reps. Can also be used for functional fitness and agility training.

Medium levels of assistance (blue & black): offer more assistance for those who cannot perform many pull-ups/chin-ups and dips. Increased resistance will challenge functional fitness and agility training.

Heavier assistance level (Orange): For individuals starting pull-ups/chin-ups and dips with difficulties lifting up their own body weight. The heaviest resistance in the range offers the greatest challenge.

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