Otso Women's Skirt


Color: Black Jeans
Size: XS
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The new skirts OTSO they are designed for any terrain or activity and are suitable for EVERYTHING.

It incorporates an adjustable belt with 5 pockets: one on the front, two on the sides and two on the back (one of which has a zipper). The pockets are made from the same material as our Running Belts to ensure a perfect hold of all the objects that we put inside (gels, bars, telephone, keys, money, etc.). And in addition, the belt is also designed to achieve a perfect support of the abdominal and lumbar area.

The sublimated polyester and elastane outer fabric is manufactured with a circular machine, resulting in a very fine, super light and very comfortable fabric that is also more resistant and breathable.

Without central seams to avoid possible friction

They have become so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing them.

The interior has no center seams to prevent chafing. It is also made with an "openwork" structure that favors ventilation.

OTSO Women's Skirt Size Guide

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