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Flavor: Shiomoti Sea Salt
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The Enemoti rice is a nutritious energy diet rich in protein and vitamins, as well as starch as a source of power. In addition, it also contains sugars "Paratinos" specially designed for athletes, which can be absorbed slowly and converted into energy, so that your endurance can last without suddenly increasing blood sugar levels.

Enemoti's rice is the ideal food for athletes, providing the necessary energy and nutrition while also maintaining blood sugar levels so you can perform at a high level during long periods of exercise. It contains rich proteins and vitamins that can help you build and repair muscles while also providing sufficient energy to meet intensity and endurance demands.

Enemoti's rice is a balanced nutritional food that can meet the needs of your body while also having a rich texture and is very suitable as the daily diet of an athlete. It also contains Paratinos sugars that can help you maintain sustained energy during exercise without causing drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

If you are looking for a nutritious food to improve your performance during exercise, then Enemoti's rice is your best choice. Get it now at cam2.com.hk to provide your body with the energy and nutrition needed to meet the challenges of high-intensity and long-term exercise!

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